Certification Russia. GOST.

Certification Russia
Certification Russia is essential for any exporter to RF. These Certificates are obtained by organizations which are accredited by GOSSTANDART.

What does it mean Hygienic certification Russia.

Hygienic Certificate is given by specialized Laboratories, after checking products for poisons, chemical contents and so on. Products, where Hygienic Certificate is necessary, are listed in GOST, - including food, hygienic products, cosmetics and cloths. To get Certificate of Conformity for such products, you will need to get Hygienic Certificate firstly.

Who needs a certificate?

Usually Certificate is necessary for two cases: customs office, realisation of products at Russian market. If you are going to arrange export to Russia, you will need this certification Russia.

Which procedure should be applied for certification Russia?

Firstly, address to our nearest office by phone, fax or email. After dealing with your documentation, in 24 hours, we will send you commercial offer with all the terms, conditions and price for Certificate in Russia.

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